The Crafters Phone System

My2nd Number is considered to be one of the best simple small business phone systems for Crafters,  Thus being known as the “Crafters phone System” – a perfect phone system for Crafters and direct sales individuals who work from home and do not want to use their Cell or home phone. The Crafters Phone System™ […]

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Entrepreneurs Telephone System

How does that First Call Sound? If your an Entrepreneur then everything matters in how you present your business image but that first impression is the often a deciding factor in profitability.  Entrepreneurs rely on their telephone systems more then established businesses because it is the sheer life blood of an organization.   No one […]

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5 Things new businesses should not do

You may not know much about BRAND or Branding but it is extremely important when building your business.  Branding in its simple form is awareness of your company’s existence and building a Brand over time is critical to building your business value.   So we want to discuss briefly 5 mistakes you can’t make in building […]

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