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We are providers of Virtual phone numbersentrepreneur phone systems, and small business phone systems.

Virtual Business Lines – Empower Your Small Business

Get the power and flexibility of a 2nd Phone line for your cellphone or home phone

You can fully advertise  your second phone number!

“Its Your Business Phone Line”

We submit your Phone Number FREE to 2 Online Directories & National 411 Database (which other directories pull from)


6.78 / Month 

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  1. What is a 2nd Phone line?
    1. Answer:  We provide a number that is Virtual (cloud based – Digital Voice Line™)
      1. This is a real phone number for Business
      2. This number can ring onto your existing Home or Cellphone Number or upgrade to  2nd Business Line
      3. This is an ideal for entry level small business and can easily grow to various more advanced Business Phone Options.
  2. Why can I advertise it and why can not I advertise Google Voice?
    1. Answer –  You do not own a Google Voice Number (it is a Free Service not a telephone carrier)  You agree not to promote it or advertise it.
    2. Answer – A cellphone is not a Business Telephone Line – Is no intended to be advertised for business – But it is assigned to you and can be moved to a Business Phone System.


  1. This is a REAL business phone line not a (cellphone number of Google Voice Line)


  1. It is assigned to you and becomes your business official business phone line
  2. You can get FREE  Online Yellow Page listings – We will for Free submit you to two directories and give you a list of others.
  3. You can Get listed on Online Directories (free)  – You have to do this will tell you how!
  4. You can Get Listed on Google Business Listing (free) – You have to do this will tell you how!

ALL the above and more are available to REAL Business Phone Numbers ( Office Business Phone Line) 

  1. Why is it better then a Cell Phone Number?
    1. The point of a cellphone is to be reached and to be a tool.  Not to be your official business line.
    2. A real Business Phone line can grow to (low cost business phone system – Deskphone – App )  with set Business Hours

What is a 2nd Phone line?


  1. Virtual Phone Line 
  2. A True 2nd Line 
  3. Phone System that ties to your Mobile Phone 

About our Options:

We have various Plan Options for Virtual Phone Numbers & Entrepreneur Phone Systems 

Take a Look at our Different Features and Options

  • Single Virtual – Directly Connects to your existing number – Inbound calling only  ( PROMO SPECIAL ON SALE )
    • Great Starting Point ! 
  • Second Line –  Connects to your existing number or used with an Mobile APP to dial out from WIFI or 4G and 3G  *  Inbound & Outbound Dialing
  • Second Line Plus – Conect to an APP* with business basics: Auto Attendant each option leads to you.  Includes Voicemail. Inbound & Outbound Make and receive calls on your Mobile APP using Wifi, 4G, and 3G

More Options >>>>       Pricing Plans >>>>      2-3 Person Phone Systems


This promo (special is for :  Single Virtual Phone Number / Line)

What is a Single Virtual Phone Line

We provide you a unique  United States Telephone number for  business purposes in your local region. (Toll Free Numbers are available at additional cost.)   This number maybe advertised and promoted because it becomes your business phone number that you give out as you desire.  This is a Inbound Number to receive in coming phone calls but does not allow you to call out showing this number to those you are calling.  However, for a few dollars more upgrade to My Second Line™ Business Line and be able to receive and make calls.

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note: Promo may end without notice, and is based on a 3 month agreement with auto billing. A one time setup charge is required to activate your Virtual business line. Line is defined as a DID number assigned by a telephone carrier, and does not denote a physical cable, box, or devise.





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