The Crafters Phone System

My2nd Number is considered to be one of the best simple small business phone systems for Crafters,  Thus being known as the “Crafters phone System” – a perfect phone system for Crafters and direct sales individuals who work from home and do not want to use their Cell or home phone.

The Crafters Phone System™


crafters phone systems

A simple and easy to use system:

  • An auto attendant (if desired)
  • Transfer Calls
  • Mobile Calling (using an APP)
  • Voicemail – Included
  • FREE auto attendant message “Thanks you for calling Sally’s Crafts & Gifts…..”
  • FREE info Message – Send callers to hear up coming locations where you will be.
  • Hold – with Music
  • Add a Deskphone for a little more.


Get the power of Big Business for a small price!

Modern “Digital Voice Lines™” and amazing PBX systems bring the power of a major phone system to the palm of your hand and in the “Cloud”.   Crafters’ can get all the power of big business for a simple price.



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The Crafters Phone System


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