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Here are the pricing plans for our various Virtual Phone Number, and Second Business Phone Service.


We can Transfer your Existing Cell Number or Home Line to our service.  Enjoy the privilege of having a private Cell phone Number or Personal Line again.

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Digital Voice Lines™ are new Modern SIP Digital Lines running through Fiber and Coax

Requires an IP PBX or My2nd Number APP System

Plan  High Lights


$ 17.99/month

InBound & Dialing Out

2 Team Members w.Extensions

Mobile APP(s)

3 Voice Mail Boxes

No Call Hold

Call Transfer *

Follow Me - Not Available

900 Minutes

Set up $30


4 Digital Voice Lines

$ 51.37/month

InBound & Dialing Out

Supports up to 5 Users

Mobile or Desk Phone

10 Voice Mail Boxes

Call Hold w/Music

Call Transfer

Follow Me Features

Local & National

Set up $15

6 Digital Voice Line

$ 71.91/month

InBound & Dialing Out

Supports up to 10 Users

Mobile or PC or Deskphone

15 Voice Mail Boxes

Call Hold w/Music

Call Transfer

Follow Me Features

Local & National

Set up $30

These plans are geared for the average user, custom plans are available contact Us

NOTE – 800# Available for a slight Extra Charge (888, 877, 866, 844)  unfortunately 800s are no longer available in the industry. There is a one time Custom Acquiring Fee/search.  $15

Additional Minutes billed .09 per minute. Unlimited National Wide Calling Available.   On-site  installation and wiring available for systems using Desk Phones.

Virtual Business Number PROMO – To get this rate you must per Quarter!  Or $9/month regularly.  Numbers do not work for Craigslist Verification.

Taxes / Fees / Regulations

Like Traditional Phone Services – You’re billed one month in advance, and overages are added to your next bill.  As these are Digital Voice Lines™ you will be billed standard Regulatory rates, fees and Taxes which vary per plan slightly due to overages.

second business phone line

NOTICE Law Enforcement – We support Law enforcement and honor requests for information related to criminal activities suspected being performed with our Digital Voice Line™ Service.  Use of these services for the purpose of criminal acts is strictly prohibited and will result in termination of service without refund.  

Notice 911 –  Mobile Calling does not support 911 Call GEO Positioning and therefore are excluded.  Should you dial 911 on a Mobile APP away from the registered address of the account you will be Billed $199 FEE as this would be like making a FALSE 911 call.  If left unpaid is subject to a 10% late charge, and 1.8% interest as well as 33 1/3 attorneys fees.  Avoid this fee, only make proper 911 calls from your registered location, home phone or your cell phone carrier number.  Your account will be suspended 15 days after non-payment, and can be terminated or deleted with loss of numbers after 2

Notes: * requires upgraded Mobile APP,

  • Requires a data connection to the internet and call quality will vary based on quality of connection.  Our network is a Digital Voice Line™ and quality is excellent therefore be aware of the connection you have. Our system supports the highest quality Digital Connections.
  • ** Phones & Up Graded APP are billed at an additional affordable rate

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Our Second Business Phone Lines can help you grow your business giving you the professional respect and appeal of a true business. Stop using your cell phone for business.

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