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How does that First Call Sound?

If your an Entrepreneur then everything matters in how you present your business image but that first impression is the often a deciding factor in profitability.  Entrepreneurs rely on their telephone systems more then established businesses because it is the sheer life blood of an organization.   No one can guarantee you success or perfection in this life but communication tools can help you grow.

We live in one of the most competitive environments in history and therefore having nothing less then a true business image could be crippling to Entrepreneurs, and small business owners.  Often the first impression a client receives is that very first inbound call received!

What factors go into that first call?

  • Was it a cellphone number in many areas it is obvious when a number is a cellphone.
  • Was their an announcement or auto attendant ?
  • How was the call?
  • Did the person answering the call sound professional?

Today you have options like  Virtual business phone numbers or virtual phone lines so that your business can start and grow as it has more resources.   A Virtual Business phone line can be advertised and promoted like any other business line!


Companies like My2ndNumber, offer packages and programs that grow with your business and can provide just a simple virtual phone number or a small business phone systems to meet your needs.   A team of true telecom professionals are available to help and guide you to the right affordable options.